"WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE IS A STRENGTH" - jack welsh, general electric


At V2Techs we want to make a positive contribution to carbon print reduction by creating new technologies that harvest the power of electromagnetic energy via new designs and patent applications.

The fast changing global climate, with its impact over the lives of millions of people around the world, doesn't give us too much time to wait. In a short, we can describe our motto: "Making a difference while we can".

Power generators

Our technology can be applied without a gear box to run generators with low starting torques up to a speed of 6000 RPM.


our vision


Other applications

​The designs can also be used to power smart cities, industrial sites, office buildings, greenhouses and to retrofit the diesel-electric locomotives and cargo ships.


"We patent disruptive innovation technologies that apply principles of electromagnetics to better reduce carbon prints" - VV

Electric vehicles

​The technology was also developed for electric vehicle application as a substitute for the car's alternator and as a charging source for the car's batteries. 

Our technology is a new brushless motor concept that is remote controlled in the same manner one would control an air conditioning unit. Its power source is a Lithium-Ion battery that has a life cycle of two to three years and is charged by a rotating disc.

The concept can be used as a spinning attachment for different size electric power generators, and is a more efficient substitute to hydro, wind, fossil and nuclear power energy sources.

In 2017, the technology received a Dutch and a PCT patent protection.